Apr 222017

Получается, что вы наделяете психолога возможностями господа бога, а потом упрекаете его в том, что бог получился несовершенный.

Психолог – это ремесленник с набором инструментов. Все.

Мастер – это человек с миссией, ценностями и талантом, но это не профессия. И даже Мастер – не господь бог.
Не лишайте человека ответственности за свой выбор – не придется укорять несуществующих богов.

(из переписки в фб)

Mar 202014

Glad to see you at my site!

You can find something interesting for yourself if at this point of your life path you:


Are looking for self-development,

Want to create new meaning in your everyday life and activity,

Want to widen perspectives and set up new goals.

Coach might become your companion on the way – the one who knows the principles of thinking and psychological regularities and will help to reach your goals most effectively.

There are no energy or inner understanding how to create new meanings, but the previous meaning of life became joyless,

You do not feel confidence that new meaning of life is possible,

If you it seems that:

You do not know what for you spend efforts, time, life,

You feel lost in a broad daylight and already understand that,

Your world for some reason tries to turn into a dot of disappointment, senselessness, tiredness and indifference,

You life looks as a piece of cake but you already got an allergy for sweets,

You have to achive 10 times more than possible,

You are made to do things because of external pressing but do not create your own reality,

Your creative intentions are still the intentions only, but not a Creation.

What can I do as a professional:



to provide a question that will change the whole picture – as a theater scene lighter changes the whole,

to create together with you a mirror where you can thoughtfully meet yourself,

to build up confidence that all the necessary answers are already in your possessions,

to share knowledge how to get to that answers – how to open the treasury,

to help with formulation of goals – effective and ecological,

to free your mind and plans from the limitation images of yourself and the world, to get rid of fears,

being your personal coach, that writes together with you your plan of workout, and stands nearby with a stopwatch, monitoring success on the control point.